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      1. Service & Repairs

        At Annard your journey begins from the moment we start designing your vehicle and continues long into the life of the vehicle.

        We have a passion for great service and a commitment to building long lasting working relationships with our customers.All Annard horseboxes are built by a team of highly dedicated and skilled engineers and craftsmen with unrivaled industry experience. We pride ourselves on knowing every inch and detail of our horseboxes.Our extensive service and repairs team are constantly working on both private and governmental contracts and offer quotes for additional after-sales activity including repair work, annual service checks, MOT testing as well as minor and major refurbishment, remodeling and re-sprays.

        Authorised by all major insurers to carryout accident repair work, Annard offer the following extensive list of aftercare services.

        In addition to this we also offer the following upgrade services:

        For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact:
        info@www.pkck7b2.cnor call us on +44 (0) 28 8778 8093