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      1. Horse Boxes

        At Annard our Horseboxes combine quality, comfort and power to define what horse transport is all about.

        Safety, reliability, performance and luxury come to the fore in every Horsebox we build. We don’t just want to sell you a lorry, we want to create a lorry especially for you, your horses and your individual desires. The only limiting factor is your imagination.

        As a family owned and run business based in the North of Ireland, Annard is renowned for its unrivaled service and truly personal touch ensuring that your new Annard horsebox exceeds all expectations.

        The company boasts a professional team of highly skilled craftsmen and engineers, providing not only superior quality and workmanship, but also a deep understanding of the needs of riders, owners and the horses themselves.

        Nowhere is this more evident than in the superior quality and attention to detail that comes as standard. Once you’ve experienced life with an Annard you’ll never look elsewhere.

        Each Annard horsebox is tailer made to order using only the highest quality materials and components. Our living areas use the latest technology and planning to create a desirable yet functional space. We offer an extensive range of fabrics and leathers to choose from ensuring you get the look and feel you desire.

        At Annard we cater for all budgets and offer a unique and personal consultation process from beginning to end.