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      1. Coach Building

        Nestled in the scenic Co. Armagh countryside, Annard offer a complete and comprehensive Coach building service to both private and government clients.

        With a highly skilled team of time served coach builders Annard manufacture from the chassis up paying great attention to detail at every stage.Our modern office and factory facilities cater for every aspect of the coach building process from build to fit-out and upholstering to graphic detailing. Our facilities also cater for a professional and efficient after sales service renowned throughout Ireland, the UK and further afield.

        Our diagnostics, repair and upgrade team have a wealth of experience, recently helping Annard to secure a contract for light upgrades on every Southern Education and Library Board bus in Northern Ireland.

        Coach building is constantly evolving and at Annard we can ensure that your vehicle is created availing of the latest processes and technologies.

        Our team of friendly and skilled staff are at hand to discuss your build at every stage of the process ensuring peace of mind and a quality end product that will bring years of enjoyment and value.